We must never confuse the two.

I think I broke Conrad's heart.

Everybody liked her.


Corporations are competing to fill the vacuum.


How much did you pay him?


Hello. I'm Nancy.

Myron and Guillermo decided to quit dating each other.

Time destroys everything.

My mother gave me all the love I needed.

I'll sleep on it.

You said you loved her.

How large is it?

Light is no less necessary to plants than water.

After the lightning, came the thunder.

I have to beat my brains out to understand math.

Why didn't you ask?


This is beautiful, and that is also beautiful.


I'm not here to help you.

Quality is more important than quantity.

I always carry a needle with me when I travel.

I'm taking good care of them.

I thought Kyle would be safe here.

Tharen couldn't remember what he had intended to say.

I won't interfere.


Bonnie remained single his whole life.


It is strange that you know nothing about her wedding.


Are you coming next week?

Who did it?

I can see as well as you can.

Electricity made candles of little use in our life.

I can't catch up with Charlie.

We gave her the orange orange.

We all live within a five minutes' walk from each other.


You don't want me here, do you?


We threw it away.


Lukas tells me you've been to Boston.


From this point, we'll go on foot.

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I'm claustrophobic.

I've got places to go.

I have two sons. One is in Tokyo and the other is in Nagoya.


Didn't you hear Saad?

It seems as if dishonorable, labyrinthine, deliberately confusing economic policies have earned more support from the president than every physical and mental disability combined.

Rodent's father was very strict.

I am shaving in the bathroom.

That's the only possible explanation.

You'll never make it out here alive.

A good sense of humor will help you deal with hard times.


Jenine was somewhat doubtful.

Why isn't anyone helping Brandon?

Stop fighting, you rascals! These battles between boys rarely end well. Trouble is sure to come to you!


I'd burn down the whole city for some sodomy right now.

Where is the British embassy?

He has every reason for getting angry with you.

Do I look fat in this?

Who do you think came to see me yesterday?

I like getting out of the office once in a while.

People have a fear of wars.

She didn't plan on having a fight with him.

That is the first step.

Did I understand that correctly?

Act like you were from those we can not quickly make a maker of unsuccessful ones.


Micah and Ami are best friends.

"Here's your confession." "I'm not signing that."

There's a reason for everything.

Today, I'm going to bed early.

Beethoven was a great composer.

Murph is my flesh and blood.

Do you know what's wrong with him?

Who's having a problem here, you or Saad?

Some people clung to tree branches for several hours to avoid being washed away by the floodwaters.

Think didn't have to tell me what had happened.

You shouldn't speak with your mouth full.

How do I turn this off?

Juan was the only one drunk at the party.

Don't worry. She doesn't understand German.

Have you ever painted this house?

I would like to visit South Korea.

Pravin was an accountant.


Which fruit do you want?

She can speak French, and fluently at that.

Everything that they did was for us.

How did you get acquainted with her?

She is economical of her time.

You need to reboot your computer.

You have to pick one.

Most women make much of fashion.

He is keen on science.

It's not clear.

It doesn't matter how smart you are. If you don't work hard, you'll never succeed.

You don't understand how worried I was about you.

I don't think this is any of your business.

To complete this work, the following working items are recommended.

Don't worry. It won't happen again.

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Frank didn't tell me everything.

What does Winnie really think?

How did you know that Lila was going to be shot?

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Language in particular is the most fluid of mediums.

My car is not as big as Sabrina's.

Naren slid the door open.


Put your helmet on.

I like the sound of that.

Our teacher will return from abroad in August.

Cynthia turned down three dinner invitations last week.

I do think that it is a pity.

Show pity on me.

We are in a library.

Brandon pulled out an old shoebox from his closet and opened it.

Having walked for some time, we came to the lake.

Are you the one responsible for selling my perfumes far below their list prices?

Why don't you join us at our table?

I knew it would be an adventure.

You look like a cop.


Liber came up to me when she saw me.


Please tell Jeannie I'm sorry that happened.

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That wasn't what I had planned to do.

Courtney looked through the window at the street.

I stared her in the face.

Do you think Troy will swim tomorrow?

Both were extremely rich.

His house was out of the way.

Does Brooke want to see me?

Nadeem was really decisive.

I hope no one takes my tools.

I just saw him three hours ago.

Graham doesn't hate you, Vincenzo.


The cost of advertising has gone up.

Lack of sleep can gradually affect health.

Did Johann know you were here?

Jitendra doesn't seem to be very tired.

Jayant guarantees it.

We need to get going.

How are you going to stop Lar?

I'm in love with her. I don't care what you think.

Whenever I see you, my heart tells me that I'm in love.


Why did he come with her?

I can't run the bread machine.

Does my bum look big in this?

I didn't know it was a big secret.

Peter doesn't need to attend the meeting.

The village is many kilometers away from the seashore.

Let's find out who stabbed her.

You must examine that issue.

There was not enough evidence to find him guilty.

I have no idea where Nate and Murph are.

Herman announced his resignation yesterday.


She activated the account.

I've been waiting half an hour.

I'll cut your head off!

I know about you two.

I'd like to be able to lend you some money, but I haven't got a brass razoo on me at the moment.

That's the challenge.

I already have this book.

Where did you find her picture?

Most students come to school on foot.

Please come to our office any time.

What really happened?

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The problem of poverty is growing worldwide.


He'll be a good doctor.


Don't take our word for it.

Hugh is a troll.

She's always very polite.

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No one is coming to look for you.

He would have his own way.

Daryl has been to Boston, hasn't he?

Have you made up your mind?

Jonathan must be Karl's boyfriend.


I am sure she can have no objection.